Aplicación de mascarilla capilar

Therapeutic treatments

A combination totally personalized with vegetables, medicinal plants, first cold-pressed vegetable oils, essential oils, clays and mud, to balance, nourish, recover and activate the natural functions of the skin and scalp.

Recommended for people with allergies, chemical intolerances, pregnant woman... and all those who want to take care of themselves and enjoy.
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Discover our two natural colouring lines


With plants like Lawsonia Inermis, Indigo...that in addition to dyeing the hair a coppery, brown, intense black...we intensify it slightly mixing them with infusions: lavender, rosemary, sage, chamomile, black tea...

And adding other natural ingredients such as seawater etc… to give strength, shine and reduce hair loss.

Flores y elementos naturales


With Cassia Obovata and vegetable oils, we restore the hair's shine and natural moisture.

Lavado en profundidad

For peeling. Cream of flowers with propolis

Natural components such as algae, collagen, sage and chamomile. Selected for its emollient and anti-inflammatory action to calm the most delicate scalp.

Solución al cabello graso

Greasy hair. Wheat germ

Ideal for oily hair. Regulates and balances the scalp ensuring a deep capillary hygiene.

Acción de la mascarilla capilar

Split ends. Quintessence

Rich in oils, ultra-repairing and revitalizing of the hair fiber.

Tratamiento capilar natural

Curls special. Orchids

Softening, moisturizing and nourishing. It returns the elasticity to the hair.

Producto capilar natural y respetuoso

Hair loss. Wheat germ with Regenerescence Naturelle

Essential and vegetables oils to stimulate and clean the scalp. Helps maintain and strengthen hair growth.

Tratamiento especial cabellos lisos

Straight hair special. Jasmine

To sublimate the hair, will nourish from the roots and will help to repair the damaged tips.

Solución total al encrespamiento

Frizzing. Amaranth

Provides moisture, elasticity to the skin and hair, repairing it in depth.

Cupping capilar

Capillary cupping

It consists of the application of suction cups on the skin which is made with a vacuum, sucking the skin in such a way that the pores open and favour the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Leonor Greyl

We collaborate with Leonor Greyl, high-end products and treatments.