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El Mirall Blau

A more healthy, therapeutic and conscious hairdressing salon.
We are artisan hairdressers.


We live in a moment of changes towards a new, more conscious world. These big changes are breaking the old paradigms of beauty, we are discarding the artificial beauty that hides skin and hair problems, guiding it towards the real and authentic beauty. See our areas ↗

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What moves us

From here originates the idea of a more healthy, therapeutic and conscious hairdressing salon.

Respecting the hair

Using an honest and natural cosmetic based on botany and phytotherapy formulas. Suitable for vegans, pregnant woman, people with allergies...


We seek to express a style that makes the hair feel and understand like a part of the body and not as a complement.


It is our daily effort to combine three concepts in our name: innovation, quality and well-being.